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May 10, 2022

Once again, Phil runs down another week of poor performance across markets. Stocks were walloped, but bond yields creeped down a bit with the 10-year approaching 3%, and signs of a potential stabilization in municipal markets look good. Unfortunately, it’s been rough going, we’re in a classic market correction… it happens. But don’t panic! Our latest white paper points out the bull case for equities, and here, Phil explains why strong job increases (regaining 95% of those lost due to Covid) and higher wages suggest we are darn close to healing from the pandemic. While he’s keeping an eye on a few concerning macroeconomic risks – supply chain worries in China stemming from its Zero-Covid policy, fears of recession in Europe, and stubborn inflation at home –  Phil encourages investors that this is the opportunity to buy stock, rebalance your portfolio, and take advantage of this correction because markets tend to perform very well on the other side.